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[Closed] TNS Messenger Guide  


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18/04/2019 2:05 am  

The TNScommunity is equipped with a private messaging option under the TNScommunity menu called TNS Messenger(Click to view). This gives all registered members the chance to privately message any member of their choice including the admin. 

There are limitations in using the TNS Messenger. 1) You are allocated only 150 messages storage. If your inbox messages exceed 150, you will have to delete some to create room for new messages. 2) You can add only 2 attachments (pictures or files) less than 2mb each in any message you send. 3) You must be a registered member & will be required to login to send or read messages to other registered members. 

Note: Messages are private & can only be seen by the user you sent it to. The messages doesn't appear anywhere else on the TNScommunity.

Notifications: when a member sends you a message on TNS Messenger, you will receive double notifications. You'll get notified by email & also a message notification with a sound will popup on your screen whenever you login & have a new message. 

Announcement: You may also receive TNScommunity announcements via your TNS Messenger/Email.

Directory: On the TNS Messenger, there's a directory menu which has the list of all TNScommunity registered users. You can easily select a member to send a message from the directory list.

Blocking: Right in the directory menu, you can choose any member to block if you do not wish to receive messages from that/those particular member(s)


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