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[Closed] How to make a post OR reply a post  


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08/04/2019 8:55 pm  

Making a post: this is another simple and easy task. To make a post, just scroll through the 10 communities;

(((Federal Universities, State Universities, Private Universities, Federal Polytechnics, State Polytechnics, Private Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Federal-State and Private Monotechnics, Nursing schools, Secondary schools, JAMB | WAEC | NECO)))

Then click on the community you want to make post in & click on "Add topic"...there you go, input your topic & content then post. Additionally, if you know how to use tags, you can use the tags box below a post box to include tags to your post. It works similar to the tags on Instagram, Twitter & co.

Replying a post:ย Under a post, you'll see a reply option, just click on it & reply to the post.

Post subscription/unsubscribe: Once you make a post or reply a post, you'll see an option to subscribe to that post or reply so as to be notified via your mailbox whenever someone comments on your post or reply. If you don't want to receive notifications, go back to your post or reply & then above it, you'll see "unsubscribe" tap on it & you won't receive further notifications on that particular post or reply.

Note:ย A post or reply maybe unapproved or permanently deleted by a moderator or an admin if it violates the rules of TNScommunity.ย Be mindful of what you post or reply.

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