The brand’s name is self explanatory. This website is targeted & built for the Nigerian student which includes students of all levels; secondary & tertiary. The main aim is to provide an online community strictly & focused on just “Nigerian students” living & schooling in Nigeria. By community, we mean to create a social online environment where Nigerian students can interact, ask questions, share important informations & mingle with students from all secondary & tertiary institutions in the nation.

Our goal: We hope to bring almost if not all Nigerian students unto this platform. We wish to create the biggest students online community which will house all Nigerian students who are active on the internet. We hope to make this community educative, informative & fun.

The website is divided into two sections. A blog section & a community section. In addition, there is an external blog page.

Our blog (TNSBlog): the blog section of the website is set to dish out news & articles from all Nigerian universities & secondary schools.

Our community (TNScommunity): the community section is the main house of the website where registered students are to interact mostly.

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External blog: the external blog page is a feed from other websites that will provide current updates from school related news & articles including NYSC, JAMB, WAEC, etc.